Malaysian Assholed Culture

I took a trip to Sungai Wang today to get myself some decent pair of jeans and decided to skip the drive and take the monorail instead. So there I was in a train packed with Body Gloves, Pieced-Tattooed Punks and Petaling Street rip-offs (no kidding).

When we arrived at one of the stops this old, elderly couple came in - the woman was blind and the guy was carrying a cane while walking. Now, I was sitting down but I was pretty far away from the door of the train. The woman sitting closest to them could have easily gotten up and given her seat to them. But she decides to be completely oblivious to her surroundings. I got up immediately and gave up my seat (while giving that woman the dirtiest look possible).

I mean, really. Is it so hard to be kind once in a while?

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Nick Phillips said...

That's your typical Malaysian for you. Bunch of idiots. Malaysia Boleh ... LOL!

Sriyany said...

Very patriotic ;)

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