Madagascar 2: Escape to God Forsaken Africa!

I finally had the chance to catch Madagascar 2 on cinema last weekend. Sadly, the movie was not what I expected. The humor seemed forced somehow and sounded more annoying than funny. And yes, the 'original' storyline just seemed all too familiar - they might as well name the lion Simba!

The only character(s) that tickled my sense of humor were the penguins. I'm glad that some things remained from the first movie.

The suprising part of all was that, the audience started clapping at some parts of the movie. And I'm like "What was so impressive about that???". If it was Lord of the Rings playing up there, I would have stood up and clapped but for a pansy of a lion dancing??? I was a big fan of the Madagascar 1 but this one just did not live up to my expectations.

(As I'm writing this the song's in my head: I like to move it, move it...)

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Nick Phillips said...

My kids have been bugging me to go watch this movie but since you said it's not that great, I'll wait till Astro shows it on TV ... hehehe ...

Sriyany said...

Then again it might be just me :P

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