I know I've been out of the blogging scene for a while and to kick start blogs this week I give you...Winterbells (sounds cute, right?). I found it through Jason who mumbled about it.
It's quite a catchy, addictive game where you have to get the white rabbit to hop on as many bells as you can.
Each time you hop on a bell, the momentum lifts you upwards to reach more bells. Also, if you see a bird flying across the screen, hopping on it will increase your score.
Plus, it's got this really skippy folk background music - makes you think X'Mas is nearer than it looks. :-)

The white rabbit reminds me of Gwen Stefani's What You Waiting For music video. Try it - it's perfect for a rainy day with nothing to do.

P.S. No white rabbits were harmed in the scribbling of this post

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Gallivanter said...

Last time I played a game, I got hooked on it until I took medications. LOL. I'll skip.

Sriyany said...

gallivanter: It's all about self-control :)

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