Mushroom Jack Fajitas from Chilis

A few of us decided to head to Chili's on the Eve of Hari Raya for a bit of gastronomical food. :)
This is is bottomless Tortillas (not sure how much) - as you can see below, Angie is nipping at the Tortillas like there's no tomorrow.

And yes, you guessed right - it's refillable!

As the subject states, the Mushroom Jack Fajitas (RM36.90 I think) is delicious! The mushrooms were saut├ęd just right and the chicken pieces tasted good. For the portions given, I think the price is worth it. But it's way too much for 1 person. Even for 2 people, it's a lot (at least for 2 girls, it is).
Comes with the bread and some *other stuff* (I seriously can't remember!)

Some of us had the Tomato Basil Pasta (less than RM25). All vegetarian, by the way.

One of colleagues also ordered this (below) - I'm not too sure what was it but I heard it was good, especially the mashed potatoes.

My Favourite Places to Eat:

1. Chilis
2. Chilis
3. Chilis
4. Chilis
5. TGI Friday

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xin said...

:P what is it about me eating like there is no tmr. didnt bother u at all right :P

Sriyany said...

Nope it didn't bother me coz I was also nipping at it like there's no tomorrow! Plus, it was refillable ;)

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