Restoran Sri Melaka

After like a half-hour of debating with my colleagues, we all agreed on Restoran Sri Melaka in TTDI. This place has been known for its set lunch meals (and especially its mutton rendang!).

Inside, the restaurant is clean and has a very wooden-ish decor.

Their menu is pretty good. Obviously, when you hear Sri Melaka, you think authentic Malay food but surprisingly, they've got a variety of rice and noodles. I decided to skip on the set meals and try something on ala-carte. People, I present to you, Nyonya Mee (RM7).

The gravy was really delicious! All thick and spicy, combined with the big prawns, humongous mushrooms and green peas, this meal is really worth its money.

Bon App├ętit!

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