Normally, I don't wear makeup on a regular basis - just a bit of powder is enough for me. So, my makeup case is pretty much...empty. The first time I tried M.A.C on my face, the effect was unbelievable - my skin looked flawless! Open pores, chicken pork marks and other unidentified objects were reduced by almost 98%. For once in my life....

I. Looked. Gorgeous.

*ahem* But anyway, I took the liberty to visit the M.A.C counter at Mid Valley (by the way, their service sucks - they don't really look like they wanna help you. Try the counter at KLCC - they're much more helpful and friendlier) to stock up on my existing M.A.C products. After careful spending (the prices are like bombs - can seriously give you a stroke), these are all the M.A.C products I currently own.

The M.A.C First Response Eye Cream (RM120) is a primer for eyes and a base for the concealer. One good thing about this product - it has a cooling effect and absorbs into your skin quite fast (it usually takes about a minute for me).

Next, the M.A.C Select Cover-Up concealer (RM60) is a cream-based product. M.A.C has many ranges for concealers but I realized that cream-based blends well into my skin. This particular shade is NW35 (I think). The concealer lasts all day and you don't really have to touch up throughout the day. Plus, this product lasts a long time (depending on your usage) as I've been using this for nearly a year now.

The M.A.C Studio Fix powder + foundation (RM105) is the best thing I've ever bought from M.A.C. This wonder produces a matte effect and blends well into your skin (you won't look pasty/caked). Plus, it's mostly powder and a bit of foundation so it's perfect as a makeup base.

The Studio Fix powder lasts quite long - you don't need to touch -up until the end of the day. But for people with oily skin (namely me), you should try blotters to blot out the oil. One bad thing though, Studio Fix is not refillable but it should probably last you almost a year (depending on usage). By the way, this shade is NC42.

On the other hand, the M.A.C Studio Perfect foundation (RM160) comes with SPF 15. This is fully foundation only so you know what to expect. Probably the only good thing about this is that it's got SPF 15 and that it's refillable. However, it makes your skin even more oily and it doesn't really have that matte effect like the Studio Fix range. I've hardly ever used this - don't really have a need for it just yet!

Another thing that's unlike me - I bought this M.A.C Eyeshadow (a whopping RM57). This shade is aptly called Romp. A very bronze-gold shade, it's perfect for a night out or if you simply want to glam up your eyes for an event. It glides easily over the eyes but so far I haven't really seen anything extraordinary about this.

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