Let's do the GOssip!

What's the latest gossip in town? The Emmy's fashion catastrophes? Lynne Spears's tell-all book drama? Nope. Come closer to home and you'll find Gossip with a capital G - in Project Gossip.

Summer Sands Production Sdn Bhd and Rotaract Club of Taylors Business School collaborated on Project Gossip - a three-phase-campaign aimed to raise awareness among youth regarding the social welfare of women in the country. The three phases include the issues of violence against women, safe sex and appreciating the roles of women in the society.
GO Away – highlights the issues of violence against women
GO Safe – promotes safe sex among women and
GO Celebrate - expresses gratitude for the sacrifices of women in society
The 3-day campaign started from 24 - 26 September at Asia Cafe, SS15 Subang Jaya. The 3rd day of the awareness campaign (Go Celebrate) ended with the grand Go Celebrate Street Party which, included a lineup of Malaysia's local artists of the music scene.

I've always supported any effort made to create a women awareness campaign coz I think youths especially, need them. Unfortunately, I only made it to the Go Celebrate Street Party on the 3rd day (sigh...the sacrifices of a working girl - to be posted soon!) but it was worth it. Tickets were only RM5 and ALL proceeds go to charity.

I got an old issue of CLEO and some very patriotic greeting cards - not too bad really. Apparently, there were other goodies from Cosmopolitan magazine but I was too late as they were already out of stock :-(

There was even a Durex counter nearby giving away free condoms (!!!)

The stage looked good - I absolutely loved the backdrop! I thought Asia Cafe was a pretty good spot to hold the event - it's near to 3 colleges and it's filled to the brim with food stalls.

College kids + food + concert = Excellent combination!

Most importantly, Pietro from Mix FM and a sixteen-year old Denise (she doesn't look 16, honestly) were the MCs for the night. I've always loved him on air with Serena C in the mornings so his sense of humor really lightened up the mood that night.

Anyway, the concert was great! I think there were a lot of last minute changes to the artist lineup (not suprisin) but they made it work. There was barely a crowd at first but about an hour into the concert, more people decided to splurge on the 5 bucks to join the event. Some of the artists included..

Free to Fall

(this grunge girl band - the lead vocalist rocked pretty good)

Crystal Wong

(no idea who she is - but she sang Dido's White Flag quite well)

Adi *something*

(can't remember his last name - but he sang REALLY well and he's got a great voice!)

Suki Low (winner of One in a Million Malaysia 2006 - for a 19-year old, she can definitely sing!). Click here to check her out!

Trend (this dance troupe - pretty impressive for a large group of dancers). Click here to check them out!

I knew One Buck Short was due on stage soon but I was sweating, hungry and just plain tired after coming straight from work. So, regrettably I had to leave but I'm glad that I at least stopped by to check it out. Here's to more women awareness campaigns in the future!

Material Source: Gossip

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