The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Here we go again. Ancient 5000-year old mummies brought back to life to unleash evil upon the earth and its up to Rick and Evelyn O'Connell to save the world in The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

Rick O’Connell (Brendan Fraser)
Evelyn O’Connell (Maria Bello)
Jonathan (John Hannah)
Alex O’Connell (Luke Ford)
Emperor Han (Jet Li)
Zi Yuan (Michelle Yeoh)

I found the movie to be all right but it was not as good as the first movie in The Mummy franchise. The action scenes were good but the plot resembled an average B-grade low-budget film. To be honest, it was quite disappointing.

Plus, when hear The Mummy, you think ancient Egypt, pharaohs and curses, not the Han dynasty of ancient China. But I have to admit that Brendan Fraser, Maria Bello and John Hannah played their roles well. I much preferred Rachel Weisz but Maria Bello was almost as good in the character of Evelyn O'Connell.

On the other hand, Jet Li looked so expressionless that he looked like he had undergone botox treatment. I thought his (late) General Ming looked more alive compared to him.

One thing I did like about the movie, is that they had replicas of Terra-Cotta warriors that were used to guard the emperor's tomb (can't help it, I love world history).

But I think they should have just left it at The Mummy. Too many sequels just spoils the whole idea.

Image source: Rotten Tomatoes

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