Batman: The Dark Knight

Sure, it’s overdue but a good movie is still a good movie.

Batman/Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale)
The Joker (the late Heath Ledger)
Harvey Dent/Two-Face (Aaron Eckhart)
Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gyllenhaal)
Alfred (Michael Caine)
Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman)

The hype that surrounded The Dark Knight before it was released was unbelievable, especially after the death of Heath Ledger. Since I only got tickets 2 weeks after the movie came out due to the overwhelming crowd, I had already heard reviews from various people (can be quite annoying after a while). But all what I heard made me even more excited to watch it.

The Dark Knight serves to be worth every minute played in the cinema. The movie opens up with Gotham City’s new D.A. Harvey Dent who, with the help of Batman and Commissioner Gordon, is bent on ‘cleaning’ up the city of its corruption. And then comes this deranged lunatic in clown-like makeup and a purple suit who unites criminals and drug lords to eliminate their common enemy: Batman.

“It’s simple. Kill. The Batman”

I thought Heath Ledger’s performance was brilliant. He played the role of a diabolical maniac so well that his performance could have easily overshadowed Christian Bale as Batman/Bruce Wayne.

Aaron Eckhart also portrayed the role of a D.A. who turns ‘Two-Face’ surprisingly well. Perhaps the dialogue for Bruce Wayne/Batman could have been less clichéd because the movie could have very well went on without him in it.

The plot was excellent and just when you thought that you knew what was coming, the plot thickened further. Seriously, I didn’t realize it was going past 2 hours because that was how gripped I was to the movie. The action scenes were equally good, with lots of road chase and explosions at every corner.

On the whole, the Dark Knight is a movie worth watching (maybe even more than once). Plus, I absolutely loved The Joker’s terrifying laugh. It just added to the whole theme of the movie: Dark, Diabolical & Disturbing.

“Why so serious?”

Image source: Rotten Tomatoes

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