7 Days to Post-Breakup

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Day 1 & 2
Yes, cry as much as you want to. Trust me – the more you grieve, the faster you’ll be able to put this experience behind you and move on with your life.
What You Need: Plenty of Kleenex

Day 3
I know it’s a bad habit to binge, but make this an exception and indulge your sweet tooth in your all-time favourite chocolate-covered marshmallows (the added sugar intake is like anti-depressant for the mind).
What You Need: Famous Amos cookies, Haagen-Dazs ice-cream

Day 4
Watch romantic comedies – guaranteed to give you a confidence boost.
Laughter is INDEED the best medicine.
What You Need: Friends, Bridget Jones Diary, See Jane Date

Day 5
Listen to some of your favourite tunes (and I don’t mean sappy, lovey-dovey songs).
What You Need: Songs from Sister Sledge, Aretha Franklin

Day 6
Time for feng shui – by throwing the bad stuff out of your life, you’re allowing good things to come in. Clear out stuff (photos, ticket stubs, pressed dried-flowers, etc.) that are of you and him. The least items remind you of him, the better.
What You Need: Rubbish bin, boxes

Day 7
Take the extra free time to have a girls’ night out (or in). Go clubbing, catch a movie, or go through your old school’s yearbook together. Now would be a good time to fill that organiser with appointments.
What You Need: Bottle of Vodka, makeup, pizza, high heels (or fuzzy slippers)

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